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The VBMC, an AMA charter club established in October 1990, is dedicated to the riding and restoration of British motorcycles.  The club promotes sharing of knowledge and expertise on British bikes. The club is family oriented and participation by spouses and children is encouraged.  What do you get as a member?  Group rides, club rally, monthly meetings, participation in motorcycle events, Informative technical advice and assistance, socials, club picnic, and an informative monthly newsletter. Merchandise available: club patch, club t-shirt. Annual dues are $15.00, prorated quarterly. If you'd like to join, please complete and submit the following application for review to: The VBMC   P.O. Box 9455 Richmond, Virginia 23228



  Street Address:                                                                                                                          


  AMA Membership Yes/NO:                        
  AMA number if applicable:                         

  Home phone:                                               
  Work phone:                                                

  E-mail address:                                                  

  Type of British Motorcycle that you own/are interested in:                                                      


  Online registration coming soon...

Dues schedule: January - March $15.00, April - June $11:00, July - September $8.00, October - December $4.00



2000 Virginia British Motorcycle Club